Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage”

BSC SME is a member of the Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” of the Enterprise Europe Network since its creation in 2008. The group encompasses members of 15 EU countries – Italy, Spain, Greece, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus, Chile, Poland, Finland and Sweden.

The Sector Group's mission is to promote innovation within the tourism sector by supporting the EU renewed policy on tourism and by fostering the sustainable use of cultural heritage and natural resources.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of tourism SMEs, the Sector Group aims to encourage business cooperation at European level, which should include not only tourism SMEs but also SMEs operating in other fields, public institutions and private sectoral associations.
The cultural heritage sector should also be supported in developing targeted partnerships with the aim of achieving a better cooperation between research institutes, SMEs and public authorities at local, national and European level.

To contribute to the development of the tourism sector throughout the countries of the Network, the Sector Group carries out different kind of activities, such as:

  • Finding business co-operation partners for tourism products and services throughout Europe;
  • Promoting innovation and technology transfer in the communication and safeguard of cultural heritage;
  • Arranging bilateral meetings with potential partners at tourism and cultural heritage fairs and company missions to visit potential partners;
  • Advising companies on funding opportunities and new technologies for tourism and cultural heritage at national and European level and assisting them in applying for EU grants;
  • Promoting and implementing multidisciplinary research projects in the field of cultural heritage;
  • Providing information about relevant international conferences and workshops
  • Providing guidelines on starting a business in tourism;
  • Communicating small business interests and concerns to EU policy makers;
  • Drafting guidelines concerning the different national legal basis to start up a business in the tourism sector in the Network countries;
  • Mapping the most important national, European and international conferences / fairs / workshops, which can represent a suitable opportunity for brokerage events, matchmaking activities and tourism promotion;
  • Improving services for tourism SMEs through the dissemination of best practises, the identification of all possible synergies, the exchange of information, the consultation of experts and researchers, etc.;
  • Classifying systematically all financing schemes at national and European level for tourism SMEs;
  • Keeping a constant dialogue with the European authorities and with policy makers at national level to make them aware of the needs of tourism SMEs.

Cultural Heritage
The cultural heritage plays an essential role in the development of tourism because it gives European destinations a high added value, which is fundamental to increase tourist inflow and to make European destinations be competitive in the nowadays global economy. Yet, mass-tourism has a huge impact on the cultural heritage as well as on the natural resources, which should be kept under control.
Therefore, the Sector Groups aims to improve the coordination of different activities to protect the cultural heritage and the natural resources, which are carried out by companies, public and private research centres and by local, national and European institutions. In this respect the following actions are realized:
  • backing the know-how and technology transfer by encouraging collaboration at all level and by creating networks, which bring together all relevant stakeholders;
  • classifying systematically all financing schemes at national and European level for the protection of the cultural heritage.

Within its membership in the SG “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” of the Enterprise Europe Network BSC SME – Ruse has organized or co-organized several events:

B2B CrossTour 2015

B2B CrossTour 2014

B2B CrossTour 2013

B2B Belgrade 2013

CrossTour Fair - Ruse 2012

b2b CrossTour - Ruse 2012

International Fair of Tourism - Belgrade 2012

World Travel Market 2012

International Tourism Fair - Thessaloniki 2011

Brokerage Event – FITUR 2011, Madrid:

SPA And Wellness Company Mission – West Hungary:

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