Sector Group “Creative Industries”

The Sector Group “Creative Industries” of Enterprise Europe Network started in January 2010. The Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises is the only Bulgarian representative in the SG.

The Sector Groups of Enterprise Europe Network focus on development and promotion of business cooperation and innovation in the respective sector. The selection of the group members is based on the experience and skills of the respective applicant organization as evaluation is performed by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation in Brussels – the institution which manages the CIP programme, by which Enterprise Europe Network is partially financed. The establishment of a given Sector Group takes place with a proposal, made by the Executive Agency of General Directorate “Enterprise and Industry” of the European Commission.

In January 2010 the Commission revised thoroughly the work of all sector groups of the network and the submitted proposals for establishment of new groups. The official note by the Commission for the start of the “Creative Industries” Sector Group was sent on 21st January 2010.

The aims of SG “Creative Industries” are:

  • To put to the fore the creative talent of the European regions through the respective companies in the field and promotion of their work;
  • To look for opportunities for financing of the creative industries at a regional, national and European level;
  • To encourage the business cooperation in the sector;
  • To inform the European Commission about the problems which the creative industries face.

The activities of the Sector Group are focused on the following industries:
  • Film making;
  • Radio;
  • Television;
  • Music;
  • Arts;
  • Crafts;
  • Computer games;
  • Publishing;
  • Digital media;
  • Fashion;
  • Performing Arts;
  • Advertising;
  • Photography;
  • Design.

Members of the Sector Group “Creative Industries” are experts from Great Britain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Spain, Greece, Finland, Germany, Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. This is the second Sector Group, for which the Business Centre has been approved as a member, after joining the Sector Group “Tourism and Cultural Heritage” in 2008.

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