Services of the Network:

* Integration of the Business to the European Market

Information on the operation and the possibilities of the Internal market of goods and services, incl. forwarding to active tenders and public procurement calls:
- EU acquis – European directives, regulations, standards, draft laws;
- Tenders and Public procurement – business and public-private partnerships possibilities;
- European programmes and funds;
- Eco requirements, alternative energy resources, energy efficiency – tendencies, funding possibilities;
- Market information – import and export potential, price policies, etc.;
- Legislative information – taxes, regimes, VAT procedures, company registration;
- Intellectual property rights protection – Community Trade Mark, Patent, Design;
- Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety and Health at Work, strategic and business planning.

Advice on EU law and standards:
- Encourage participation of businesses in the Commission consultations on new legislation;
- Informing the Commission about problems that have occurred during the implementation of the existing legislation;
- Provoking the participation of business in the process of European policy making by taking part in the panel groups on specific topics

Business cooperation:
- Business missions in the country and abroad;
- Sector meetings;
- Dissemination of business profiles for international business cooperation;
- Supporting Bulgarian companies in preparing business cooperation profiles and their dissemination in the whole Network

* Technology Transfer and Innovations
- Providing information on programmes dedicated to funding innovations and on European policies related to innovations, especially 7th Framework Programme;
- Dissemination and support to integration of research studies results;
- Intermediation in support of technology transfer and creating partnerships among different players in the innovation process;
- Stimulating the capacity of companies to develop and apply innovations – technological audit, technology watch, sector meetings for technology transfer

* Programmes and Projects
Support in applying under European programmes:
- Identification of suitable programmes or funds;
- Project and consortium partner search;
- Elaboration of project proposals and documentation preparation;
- Consultancy on project implementation.

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